Krom's D&D Bonanza

D7D Bonanza s01e02

Last time, on Buffy The Vampire Slayer...

(This will accumulate the first two episodes of the adventure)

On a calm summer day, a caravan of travelers and merchants made their way across Uldoon Trail to the settlement of Greenest. Within this group are the adventurers of our story. Garnering more enthusiasm than the average person, five began to outpace the slow-moving caravan, motivated by their own goals of reaching the town. Along their way, they encountered the most curious Dragonborn who contained no memories of himself.

Shortly after, they came across Greenest set upon by a massive blue dragon and a mob of raiders. Jumping into action, the heroes fought against the invading forces, clearing a path for fleeing villagers and sealing the stone citadel of the town. 

A brief and terrifying encounter with the dragon learned them that the raid was ordered by "The Mondath" and that the dragon was being driven to kill the heroes. With the help of the towns fearless guards, the dragon was driven away into the night.

Shortly afterwards, the raiders own champion, Cyanwrath, emerged to challenge the heroes champion. It took no time for this dragonkin to fell the elf, Sarya, in quick combat. Soon after, the raiders departed town and left the heroes and villagers to nurse their wounds. 

Morning would be soon…


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