Krom's D&D Bonanza

Xarqrin's Journal

(In Draconic) This is strange. I don't know what is going on but… Wait… I think I'm getting this wrong…

(Celestial) Is this it… No… This still doesn't seem right..

(Common) Maybe this… YES! Yes this is correct.

My apologies. I don't know what that was… Didn't know I could speak those…

Anyway… Nayries said that possibly writing down my thoughts could help jog my memory. 

… Nayries being… my mother…. It sounds so strange saying out loud. More so writing it down. I feel…. Conflicted.

But more than a week ago I woke up in a strange forrest. No memory of my own before meeting my companions and then promptly fighting a fairly large blue dragon. Everything has been so strange and new. Though I must have come from somewhere. I can form words, I have a basic understanding of the world around me. Though everything seems… off…. Like from a perspective I'm not use to.

Traveling with these companions of mine, some of them more questionable than others, but I feel they have good hearts, but traveling with them I have run into strange adventures. In just over a week of my consciousness, we have freed a town from a cultist attack, rescued prisoners from a cultist camp and then routed the cultist base of operations. It felt good to do these things. To help people. Yet… when I saw they worshiped a black dragon… and even more so they plan to raise Tiamat… I don't know why… but that made the very blood in my veins boil. I couldn't stop myself from destroying those eggs. I honestly don't feel sorry for doing it… Is that bad?

To top this all off we have come to a major city called Bauldar's Gate. Here I found that, I have a past. I have a mother. I have a home. Nayries, the person that clams to be my mother, has been telling me more and more about my life. About my father that passed away. He died a hero to this city. Protecting it's people from a horde of undead that nearly decimated the city. The erected a statue of him in the middle of the city. 

This must be hard for Nayries. She feared she had lost her son and her mate, and here I happen to come back into her life… only not to remember a thing about her… or the life I had before… waking up in that damned forest. 

Augh… I'm doing that lighting thing with my mouth again… Even that feels weird…. out of place…. yet… not….. Even now I feel like something is yelling at me at the back of my mind… but it's muffled…. I need sleep.

Sister Sookie's Spa Adventure

I felt like it was a dream.  One moment I was receiving an apology from Ash.  The next thing I know, I’m falling through what seem like purple silk that the portable spa was decorated in.  Now I’m laying face down, with mysterious hands touching and… massaging me?  I found myself naked laying face down on a table… WAIT I’m NAKED?!  But when I turned to look who was massaging me, it was almost as if that person disappeared… or got up to get something.  There was a lot of steam.  Suddenly, I realized I was in what appeared to be a natural hot springs, and as I looked forward there she appeared:  The goddess Eldath, wearing nothing but her crown of flowers in her hair, she slowly rose from the pool of water  while several beautiful attendants quickly draped her with a light flowing robe.

An attendant behind me spoke in a very firm, yet velvety voice spoke beside me to my left, “My mistress hopes you don’t mind that she had spruced up this place more to her flavor, that tiefling friend of yours has such gaudy tastes, we had to get rid of all that purple.   It all had to go once he relinquished ownership of the relic.”


However when I turned to look at who was speaking to me, it was almost as if the attendant had stepped away to get something.  It was then I remembered a story Sister Dianna told me about Eldath, and how she was always surrounded by her attendants.  As a goddess whenever she got lonely, she would create attendants from water.  But because they didn’t have a soul, mortals couldn’t interact them directly.  Places that were blessed by Eldath, people always felt that unknown forces would help them somehow.  Sister Dianna told me about one of her journeys coming across a hot springs blessed by Eldath.  She told me, that whenever the goddess creates one of these places of relaxation, to trust in her, and let the attendants work their magic.  They will heal wounds, and refresh the body.  But because they have no soul, none of the attendants register with anyone.  You will find them beautiful, but will never know their name.  If you try to interact with them, they will always seem to be busy or will disappear behind you.


Non believers have mistaken the attendants as nymphs trying to drown them.  Warriors have taken up their swords, and some have gone mad trying to find the beautiful men and women who only want to heal their wounds, and relax their souls.


When I turned to look at the goddess again, I admired the dance that the attendants seemed to do as the magic steam seemed to cover up the goddess as she moved.  It appeared as if hands moved in and out of the steam and began to massage and rub the goddess as she lay on a beautiful bed.  Some of her attendants where slowly fanning away the steam, almost as if to showcase the goddess.

“My mistress recognizes that you have been through much.  You must have a lot of questions.  But that is not important now.  You must rest and rejuvenate yourself.  The goddess Eldath has blessed this place with our services, please lay back and let us serve you.”


The attendant was right.  I had already been in a bar brawl, I was punched by Xarquin, and let’s not forget I was attacked by a DRAGON while trying to communicate to it.  So as I laid down and let the attendants work me, I could see the goddess smiling at me as I fell into the deepest rest I have ever had.

When I awoke, the magic hands helped me get to my feet, robe me, and fit me back into my armor.  My robes were freshly cleaned, and I felt amazing… it was almost as if my health and magic were completely replenished… it was then that my stomach growled a little… because I was still hungry.


I should leave this magic spa, see where my companions are, and probably find something to eat.  So I walked towards the doorway where one of the attendants appeared to be guiding me towards.  As I looked forward, the attendant appeared to be hiding in the corner of my eye. “We will stay here, as this place has been blessed by my mistress.  Please feel free to invite your companions into the spa, we will give them all of the relaxation services deserving of heroes of Eldath.”

D7D Bonanza s01e02
Last time, on Buffy The Vampire Slayer...

(This will accumulate the first two episodes of the adventure)

On a calm summer day, a caravan of travelers and merchants made their way across Uldoon Trail to the settlement of Greenest. Within this group are the adventurers of our story. Garnering more enthusiasm than the average person, five began to outpace the slow-moving caravan, motivated by their own goals of reaching the town. Along their way, they encountered the most curious Dragonborn who contained no memories of himself.

Shortly after, they came across Greenest set upon by a massive blue dragon and a mob of raiders. Jumping into action, the heroes fought against the invading forces, clearing a path for fleeing villagers and sealing the stone citadel of the town. 

A brief and terrifying encounter with the dragon learned them that the raid was ordered by "The Mondath" and that the dragon was being driven to kill the heroes. With the help of the towns fearless guards, the dragon was driven away into the night.

Shortly afterwards, the raiders own champion, Cyanwrath, emerged to challenge the heroes champion. It took no time for this dragonkin to fell the elf, Sarya, in quick combat. Soon after, the raiders departed town and left the heroes and villagers to nurse their wounds. 

Morning would be soon…

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